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Who we are...

BrewersXchange offers homebrewers a place to search and compare prices for a wide selection of ingredients and equipment. You can now search through thousands of products from multiple stores all in one place. And whether you're homebrewing in London or a craft brewer in California, chances are you'll find what you're looking for at BrewersXchange.com.

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What we do...

BrewersXchange does not own or sell any products. All beverage ingredients, supplies, and equipment on this web site are sold through our affiliate partners. We're teaming up with the most competitive homebrew suppliers in the world to offer you the internet's first "Brewers Mall". Our search engine offers the largest database of beverage brewing suppliers on the internet. Customers can search through a variety of products and ingredients for beermaking, winemaking, distilling, sodamaking, coffee roasting/brewing, and cheese making.


Our Mission...

Our mission at BrewersXchange is to offer the best search engine for homebrewing products and supplies. We want to save brewers time and money when shopping for their homebrew products and ingredients. The diy brewing industry is growing and with growth comes innovation. Our affiliate partners offer the widest selection and newest products available in the marketplace. Sometimes the best deal is found with local suppliers and we want to bring those deals to your attention. We don't want you to miss out on anything!


A Destination for Homebrewers...

We're not just business here at BrewersXchange. We're brewers too! And as homebrewers we're open to your suggestions on improving our services. If you would like to send a comment or inquire about becoming an affiliate partner, please send us a message on our Contact Page.

Happy Brewing!